Chapel on the Moor


A hauntingly beautiful pre-sunrise dawn assaults Frank Dole's senses as he sets out on his accustomed early morning fishing ritual at a remote shoreline near his island summer home. Tiring of the age-old trademark of ocean surfcasting - the fruitless casting out and reeling in, he wanders aimlessly along the shore and is soon confronted by a mirage, both real and alive - a mysterious young woman sleeping supine on a green towel up near the dunes. Despite deep confusion and hesitation, he screws up enough courage to approach and engage her in conversation.
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About D.F. Dempster

Duncan Dempster is a freelance writer who, having spent the better part of a lifetime employing words and language as a matter of vocational expedience, has discovered late in life the joys and challenges of juggling words and ideas in a purely avocational mode. A retired career Naval officer and later a part-time bank property manager and internet service technician, he is now fully retired in the institutional sense and totally immersed in his newfound career of developing his dream retirement home on the Big Island of Hawaii.
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There is no beauty of a kind to match the predawn moor before a birthing sun has siphoned off the dense ground-clinging fog of night. Read more

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