About D.F. Dempster

Duncan Dempster is a freelance writer who, having spent the better part of a lifetime employing words and language as a matter of vocational expedience, has discovered late in life the joys and challenges of juggling words and ideas in a purely avocational mode. A retired career Naval officer and later a part-time bank property manager and internet service technician, he is now fully retired in the institutional sense and totally immersed in his newfound career of developing his dream retirement home on the Big Island of Hawaii. His passion for writing in general and fiction writing in particular knows few bounds save those imposed by the necessary daily routines of eating, sleeping and exercising, and even then, words and ideas rattle around in his head like stray atoms vying for escape. He is an avid believer in the power of words to evoke emotion and its corollary, the power of emotion to inspire words. Thus he strives to use language as a tool to paint the landscapes of human relationships and feelings and to employ those feelings to flesh out and define the limits and boundaries of words. Other than a few stabs at poetry and lyric writing, Chapel on the Moor is his first serious attempt to trace the outlines and color the contours of relationships through the telling of a story. Though steeped in mystery bordering on fantasy, the story can be as real or as fanciful as the reader chooses to imagine. In this author's view, both are valid interpretations of reality.